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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Competitive Player Requirements

  • 12 months commitment
  • Must be able to travel for tournaments - Sacramento Area, Morgan Hill Area, and other Major Sports Facilities within Northern California
  • Positive team player attitude is a must.
  • Attendance Requirement:  75% Practice Attendance, 90% Game Attendance, 60% Team Event Attendance

Competitive Schedule Format

  • o 4 hours a week determined based on location availability.
  • Non-League (friendly) matches beginning in March.
  • League Play: (usually consists of 8 to 12 games) - Winter: Indoor or Futsal (December to April), Spring: Cal-North/CCSL League (April to June), Summer: MYSL Summer League (June to August), Fall: Cal-North/CCSL League (August to December), 
  • Tournament Schedule: Spring and Fall 
  • Soccer Year Season wrap-up in mid June
  • Winter: Optional Season

Attendance Policy

We dedicate our practice times to the development of all players at any level.  Each practice is designed to build individual skills and team concepts.   All practices are supervised.

Any absence from a practice, league days, or tournaments must be communicated with the coach prior to the activity.  Attendance at practice, league days, and tournaments is mandatory unless there is a conflict with family or school activities.  

  • Practices - You are expected to be in the field, ready to practice 15 minutes prior to scheduled practice time. 75% Practice Attendance is required.
  • League Days & Tournaments - You are expected to be in the field, ready to play 45 minutes prior to scheduled game time. 90% Game Attendance is required.

How do we communicate?

FC Strikers have an official website, In addition, we use Dick's TSHQ Mobile App. It was designed as a primary source of communications between Coaches, Players, and  Parents.  Practices, updates, league and tournament schedules, team stats, photos and videos will all be posted there.  It is the parents/players responsibility to check Dick's TSHQ Mobile App regularly, as it is updated with new information frequently.


What's expected of our travel comp players?

Each player is expected to commit to a full year soccer program. Our Junior Soccer Program teams practice two days per week from the beginning of July through mid-June and compete throughout that time frame. 


We play roughly half of our Fall and Spring league games outside of Daly City with away games being in cities and towns along the Bay Area ranging from Santa Rosa to Morgan Hill. We attend 4-8 tournaments per year in various Northern California locations ranging from Bay Area to Sacramento.


Each player is expected to manage their time in order to make the 75% practice attendance and 90% league days and tournament attendance commitment. In addition, players are requested to attend all club team building events.  


What is FC Srikers'  comp playing time policy?

Players who meet their ongoing season long practice and game attendance commitments, attend all practices during the week of a game, and arrive at a game at the time designated are guaranteed to play a minimum of 20% of each game.  Coaches have the discretion to play a player less than 20% of the game if a player has not made the team’s practices, is late to the game, or is disruptive to the team either through behavior or lack of effort.  


FC Strikers' playing time policy is in effect for all regular season and regular tournament bracket or consolation games.  It does not not apply to season championship games, tournament championship games or to any games in the statewide tournaments such as State Cup, Presidents Cup or Association Cup, where a coach may field players based on his or her assessment of the best approach to winning the games.

Club Image

As a player, parent, and coach you are representing yourself, your family, our league, and FC Strikers at every event. FC Strikers wants to be invited back to any and all events that we participate in.  We want our reputation to have a good sportsmanship and integrity.  Arguing with officials, players, coaches, or parents is never appropriate and will not be tolerated. Please direct all your concerns to our Club Admin and we'll bring it to the League's attention.

What is your role as a parent?

FC Striker's coaches and admin can teach each kids to have a positive attitude toward other  teammates, authorities, winning, and losing.  It is difficult for these positive traits to take hold on our kids if the adults surrounding them fail to set proper examples.  We ask each parent to keep the following in mind:


  • Be positive and encourage your son and his teammates
  • Do not express your dissatisfaction or negative emotions to the team, coaches, referees,   scorekeepers, or the other teams players and coaches.  These comments  should be kept to yourself or addressed with the Team Admin
  • Attend team organizational meetings.
  • Get to know your son's coach.
  • Represent your son, his team, and his league.
  • Help with transportation of players to out of town tournaments.
  • Have a positive involvement in the program.
  • Know how to deal with grievance

Club Photo/Video

From time to time, we have someone from our team take photos/videos of our kids during our games. These photos/videos are then displayed on our website and distributed to each families after each season (or when asked for). Please let the Team Admin know if you don't want your child photograph so we won't include your child in any of the photos taken.

Field Maintenance

Players must help in keeping the facilities we use clean.  All equipment must be returned back to where it was taken from (i.e. equipment bag, ball bags, etc.).  Please clear up the field of all trash before leaving.  When finished at practice, league match, or tournament game site, clean up around your area (even if it is another teams trash).  This is a reflection on you as an individual, our league and our Club.

Rush Soccer Club Peninsula

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Daly City, California 94015
Phone : 650-735-1570
Email : [email protected]
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